Search engine marketing, also known as Search Marketing is a combined form of SEO and SEM (Paid Search). A person while searching anything in web, he is in the Hunting Mode. Anytime, the mode can be converted into a commercial task.

As online marketer, We understands the hunting mode of people and guide them to convert to your potential customer. SEOSCHOOLBD is one of the best SEO Company in Bangladesh with remarkable track record.


SEO is the technique to improve website visibility in the search engine. You have a great website with good contents, what will happen if people don’t find your website in first page. You will not get any customer from the web. You will get no business and the ultimately, yours invest is waste. From many research, it is clear to all, people don’t look even at the second page of SERPs.

Search engine marketing and optimization is able to bring your business page in good rank in SERP and therefore attract your potential buyers.

Now if your business website comes in first place or even in first page, you will get a good number of customers in your shop. Therefore, you can understand for competitive market and building a brand value for your business.

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